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  • Guardians fall short in the ALDS.

    The Guardians were coming into the ALDS with a lot of momentum after sweeping the rays in the wild card after being underdogs. The Yankees on the other hand were well rested after their first round-bye. Once again going into the series the Guardians are underdogs but would they be able to overcome the odds once again.

    In game one The Yankees came out hot scoring 4 runs. The offense for the Yankees was led by Antony Rizzo collecting a hit and 2 RBIs. The Guardian’s offense was not so prominent tallying only 6 hits as the Yankees would go on to win game 1.

    In game 2 the Guardians came out determined to grab a win. The Yankees jumped out to an early lead with Giancarlo Stanton’s 2-run home run in the first inning. This didn’t faze the Guardians as they would end up making a comeback led by Josh Naylor and Oscar Gonzolez both grabbing hits and RBIs as the Guardians would make a comeback winning 4-2.

    Game 3 of the series was an offensive battle as both teams were trying to jump out ahead of the other. The Guardians jumped out to an early lead grabbing a run in the first and second inning putting them up 2-0. The Yankees responded well as they would go on to get 2 runs in the 3rd and 5th inning. But the Yankee’s defense couldn’t hold the powerful offense of the Guardians as they would record 15 hits scoring 6 runs winning the game 6-5.

    Progressive Field” by fabulousfabs is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

    After game three the Yankees knew that they would have to shut down Cleveland’s offense to be anywhere close to successful. In game four they did just that only allowing 6 hits and 2 runs. For the Yankee’s offense, it was a different story as they would be led by Harrison Bader who would hit a 2-run home run. This would lead the Yankees to a 4-2 victory going into game 5.

    In the last game of the series, both teams tied at two wins with all the marbles on the line both teams were hunting for the game 5 win. The Yankees continued with their game plan of shutting down the Guardian’s offense. While the Guardians tallied more hits than the Yankees they were only able to score 1 run. The Yankee’s offense was a different story as they came out and scored 5 runs in an important game that would go on to send them further into the playoffs

  • Cleveland Guardians Wild Post-Season Run.

    Oct 21, 2022

    According to Tommy Wild of, At the beginning of the season, the Guardians were given a 17.5 percent chance to make it to the postseason and were predicted a 75-88 win/loss record. The Guardians took this to heart as they went out and had an amazing season finishing with a 92/70 win/loss record and qualifying for the wildcard.

    Cleveland Indians
    Cleveland Indians” by On Location in Los Angeles is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

    In game one of the wild card, the Guardians were dominant on both sides of the ball. On the defensive side, Shane Beiber pitched 7.2 innings collecting 8ks and only allowing 3 hits. On the offensive side, the Guardians were led by Jose Ramirez who knocked in the go-ahead 2-run home run late in the 6th inning.

    Game 2 was not all sunshine and rainbows as the Guardians and Rays battled it out for 15 innings. The rays outhit the Guardians but they weren’t able to obtain a run. The late spark for the Guardians came from Rookie Oscar Gonzalez when he lead off the 15th inning with a home run. The hit ended the longest scoreless post-season game in history. The Guardians head up to New York to face the Yankees in the ALDS.


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